Our Manufactures

AboveAir Technologies
Air Conditioners, Indoor HVAC product solutions for commercial and industrial applications

AccuValve / Tek-Air
Critical Air Flow Control, Energy Savings and Sustainable Design

Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.
HVAC and Energy Recovery, LED Thermal Management and Temperature Calibration and Control

Alfa Laval
Brazed Plate and Gasketed Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers

Advanced Energy-efficient Air Handling Systems designed for Commercial, Institutional and Industrial applications

Armstrong Pumps
Integrated Pumping Systems

Measure, report, control and optimize energy use in a single building or among multiple facilities

Boiler Burner Flame Safeguards, and Linkageless Control Systems

Specialty Air Conditioners for Critical Electronic System Facilities

Cooling Tower Services
New Cooling Towers, Fluid Coolers, Parts and Service for all makes and models

Daikin AC
High Efficiency Inverter Driven Mini-Splits and Variable Refrigerant Volume Air Conditioning Systems

ACB Active Chilled Beams, Inffuser Induction Diffusers and HEPIU Induction Units

Variable Frequency Drives
Pressure Independent Control Valves

De Dietrich Boilers
GT Series Flexible Eutectic Cast Iron Boiler; Condensing Boilers

Rotary Screw Compressor Chillers, Cooling Towers

Bosch FHP Manufacturing
Vertical, Horizontal, Roof-Top, Console, and Split Type Water Source Heat Pumps

Commercial & Residential Refrigeration

Global Plasma Solutions
Reduce Outside Air, Control Odors, Kill Pathogens

Hamilton Engineering
EVO Systems; Water Heating Systems; Whole-building Hot Water Applications

Hays Fluid Control
Automatic Flow Control Valves
Stainless Steel Hose Kits
Coil Piping Packages

Ingenia Technologies
Commercial / Institutional air handling systems for the H.V.A.C.


Commercial HVAC;
Natural/Propane Gas Unit Heaters

Humidity Control Equipment; 100% Outside Air Units

Peerless Boilers
Stainless Steel and Cast-iron Sectional Boilers

Pep Filters
Media Filters, Centrifugal Separators, Cartridge Filters, Bag Filters, Sweeper Jets, and Custom Filter Systems

Power Flame
Manufactures gas, oil, combination gas/oil, low NOx burners and combustion control systems

Custom High Plume Dilution Systems Provider

Boiler Equipment
Electric and Gas Fired Boilers and Boiler Room Accessories

Air-cooled Chillers

RBI Water Heaters
Chemical Boilers, Hot Water Heaters, Storage Tanks and Pool Heaters

Chemical Specialty Sealants and Other Related Products

Pipe Joint Kits and Pipe Apparatus for VRF Systems

Cooling Towers, Closed Circuit Fluid Coolers

Roberts Gordon
Low Intensity Infrared Heaters and Gas Fired Warm Air Products

Dissolves Water Scale, Lime and Rust Deposits

Smardt Inc.
Turbocor Oil-free Centrifugal Compressor Technology in Chiller Performance

High Efficiency Coalescing Air Separators

Commercial HVAC, Energy Recovery Ventilators, Evaporation Blowers, Heat Pumps

Therma-Stor LLC
Residential Dehumidifiers, Heat Recovery Water Heaters, HI-E Dry Commercial Dehumidifiers

Custom Built Air Handling Units

High Efficiency Hot Water and Steam Boilers

Oil, Gas and Dual-fuel Burner
BMS & Control Technology

Victory Energy
Industrial Boilers; Watertube Packages, HRSG Waste Heat Recovery Solutions, Firetube and Solar Powered Units

Air Handling Units, High Quality VOLCANO Water Heaters and DEFENDER Air Curtains

Whalen Company
Riser Fan Coil Units, Water Source Heat Pumps, Room Fan Coil Units